Lure the Unwind in to the Gambling World of Las Vegas, CA

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Lure the Unwind in to the Gambling World of Las Vegas, CA

Valley View Casino and Hotel has a rich history. It was a mining town when its location at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains gave it an optimal setting for gold, silver, and uranium mines. Now, this desert town is still home to many of these historic mining operations, which lend it a unique charm.

While the valley, especially in this area, is not exactly known for its “little” towns, it’s quite interesting to take a tour through small towns that once existed where the resort resides today. You can take a walk in history at Valley View Casino and Hotel.

Another attraction of the casino is the Pan American Exposition, which was held there in 1915. The exposition featured several exhibits that were open to the public for entertainment and education. This was the beginning of “Expo World,” which is now known as the current Giant Center for the Performing Arts.

Today, the casino is a place where people go to relax and have fun. A new golf course called, Avila’s Gold is located in a large, fenced-in yard that overlooks the casino. While you’re playing golf, you may want to stop by the Granite Ridge Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Nevada.

Valley View Casino is home to four courses: the first, second, and third are Par golf courses, while the fourth is said to be the fastest par three in Nevada. A full-service, fully-equipped casino and hotel gives guests the opportunity to play poker, blackjack, slots, and table games. It is not a bad idea to spend a day or two relaxing at Valley View Casino and Hotel while you’re in California.

The area surrounding the casino is often referred to as the city of Golden. It is a relatively compact town that offers beautiful scenery, mountains, rivers, and of course, delicious cuisine. If you’re looking for a destination where you can have an adventure of a lifetime, try Nevada.

The casino is conveniently located in Silverado, which is one of the most popular Las Vegas, CA destinations. Along with gambling opportunities, Silverado offers shopping and dining opportunities that no other area in the city can offer. The best part about staying at a resort like the Silverado Resort and Casino is that it is also close to the famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

When you think of Nevada, you might think of the “bigger”better” known casino destination. But you would be wrong. While it is true that Las Vegas is just one of the more popular destinations in California, Valley View Casino and Hotel are also a top choice for families who enjoy being away from the noise, the crowds, and the traffic.